Reviews: Dine around Florence: An Authentic Evening Food & Wine Experience


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Chiara was great and easy to chat with. She gave us a lot of helpful information and we really enjoyed the food we ate. Would recommend this tour for a nice night on the town around Florence.

Shannon - Mar 17, 2019

I'm submitting this entirely too late, because I just noticed it was still flagged in my inbox and I feel absolutely terrible. We visited Florence in April 2018, and I can distinctly remember being so absolutely tired from our journey so far that we were dreading going out that night for our tour--we contemplated going back to the room and sleeping since we were on a non-stop whirlwind tour of Italy. However, my husband mark and I were so glad that we went--this was, by far, one of our favorite experiences and nights out. Our guide, Annamaria, was so wonderful and felt less like a guide and more like a comfortable friend you'd known for a while (and that says a lot because we're fairly introverted). The tour group was nice and small, with just us from the U.S. and two Egyptian women (one U.S.-based) who were wonderful too. We had great conversation, excellent food, and we absolutely fell in love with Florence--our only regret of our whole trip is that we didn't spend more time there. Thanks so much for the wonderful introduction to Florence, Annamaria, and sorry this review is almost a year late. Maybe we'll see you again in the not too distant future! - Hannah & Mark

Hannah - Feb 15, 2019

Steven - Jan 25, 2019

We loved the evening with Elizabeth. Her commentary was very informative and we learned so much about Italian culture, lifestyle and cuisine. Thank you so much for the wonderful event.

John - Jan 14, 2019

Fantastic tour and Laura was sensational,. Would recommend the tour (and the guide!) to anyone.

Tim - Jan 13, 2019

It is always nice to see how the locals live when you are visiting another place. Our guide, Alessia, took us to a local wine/spirits/delicacies shop where we went through their wine cellar which is generally not open to the public. Amazing. Then off to another place for more wine tasting and meat/cheese tasting. Next was an incredible three course dinner. I found a new love, Pappa al Pomodoro Soup... The night finished with Gelato of course. These were all places across the river where the residents of Florence actually live. We even went back to the local wine shop the next day and bought a case of wine. They will actually ship it back to your residence which was great. The biggest advantage of these food tours is that you would never find these great local places on your own. If you want to see how the people eat that life in Florence this tour is a must.

John - Jan 10, 2019