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Florence Food Tour

Key Details

  • City: Florence
  • Duration: 3hrs 30mins
  • Start Time: 5PM

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy an authentic meal in Florence just as the locals do, seeking out local specialties where they are best – be it a local bakery or a renowned restaurant.

  • Based in the more local neighborhoods of Oltrarno & Santo Spirito, this Florence food tour lifts the hood on a part of town most visitors never see (led by a local).

  • You’ll start with cold cuts, cheese & wine (including a Super Tuscan); move on for bruschetta and more wine; sit down for two traditional starters and a taste of Florence’s famously meaty cuisine; enjoy a digestif; then finish with gelato and a stroll.
Traditional Italian aperitivo Cheese - one of Florences great loves Artichokes and roast vegetables are prolific in Tuscany Mozarella & prosciutto panino Traditional bruschetta & wine Sample delicacies at our favourite local bakery Your tour includes plenty of wine, including a Super Tuscan! Enjoy a meal of Italian tomatoes Visit a traditional Italian market Learn what makes Tuscan food different Chatting with our favorite restaurant owner Pour your own wine - like a Florentine Wine like this is quintessentially Florence Learn about wine from your expert local guide Put your skills to the test with tastings Eat like a local on our Florence Food Tour Learn to pick the best wines Queuing for a strange local snack Sample lampredotto (tripe!) if you dare Enjoy a tasting at our favorite gelateria


Dine like a Florentine on this authentic dinner experience.

In Florence, dinner doesn’t just mean sitting in one restaurant all night – it’s a much more active experience, seeking out the best aperitivo at a local bar, moving on to an enoteca for starters and good wine, settling down at your favorite restaurant for a bite of meat, then finishing it off with gelato and a stroll home. Florentines are notoriously picky eaters so they insist on the best of everything.

That’s exactly what you’ll get on our local Florence food tour, but with a few more stops for wine and nibbles along the way. And since your gastronomic adventure takes place across the city’s quieter, more residential area, your experience will be extra authentic.

From starters to gelato, you'll enjoy a full Tuscan meal.

Your tour starts in the lovely Oltrarno neighborhood of Florence, a step or two off the well-trod tourist path. Here you’ll stop in various places (the order changes according to the night) to taste cheese, cold cuts, truffles and Florence’s answer to focaccia, along with various olive oils and balsamic vinegar. Your expert guide will talk you through this, explaining how and why these key ingredients differ so much from one end of Italy to the other.

From there it’s a walk through lively Piazza Santo Spirito to every Italian’s favorite time of day – aperitivo hour. Visit a local enoteca (wine bar) for a tour of the cellars and a wine tasting experience, including either one of the region’s famous Super Tuscans or a very special surprise wine, and local crostini (bruschetta).

Passing artisan shops and local bakeries along Via Santo Spirito, you’ll stop in one of our favorite restaurants for an authentic, sit-down dinner. Here you’ll try a classic Tuscan soup, a typical starter, plus a meaty second course that differs according to the season and what's available in the markets.

Finally, you end your meal as the Florentines do, with a gelato (invented here in Florence) and stroll back to the other side of the city.

Travel with a local guide and small group of just 14 people or fewer.

Throughout your Florence food tour, you’ll be accompanied by an expert (fun) local tour guide, who will teach you about local ingredients, seasonality and why there’s no such thing as “Italian” food. With a small group of just 14 people or fewer, your experience will be relaxed and casual – more like an evening with friends than a tour.

Sites visited

  • Oltrarno neighborhood
  • Santo Spirito Piazza
  • Local Gelateria
  • Traditional Restaurant
  • Cheese and Meat shop
  • Enoteca (Wine bar)


  • All tastings, including food, wine & gelato
  • Expert Walks of Italy tour guide
  • Small groups of 14 people or fewer


5-stars from over 325 Customer Reviews

Eriza is amazing! Her love of Florence was apparent with every word she spoke! Those are the best tour guides as their enthusiasm is contagious. She was very informative as well as fun!,
Anna was delightful. We had a group of 15 and she managed to keep all of our attention throughout the tour. Great insight into the Oltrano neighborhood and the food and wine was fantastic. I plan on booking a walks tour on my next vacation! Thank You Anna for a wonderful evening💕
Excellent tour! Loved the spots we went to. Laura was so kind, informative, and fun! Wouldn’t change a thing!

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

For those with food allergies or other special requirements, please notify us prior to reserving your visit and then again, as soon as you meet your tour guide. We will do our very best to accommodate you and find suitable alternatives.

Also note that the order of the sites visited may vary.

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Everything was wonderful and Laura was terrific! I would very much have liked to see a map of where we went, even if it was after the tour, and also a list of the places we visited, or else a business card from each establishment. We would have enjoyed returning to one or two of them to enjoy them even more! Even a small map indicating the route we took together, handed out at the end. Hmm...maybe you cannot do that because we might share it with others and they would not purchase your tour??? No, no! Laura made all the difference...you cannot duplicate this tour with only a map! The character, personality, and knowledge from Laura is what made us want to go back.... It was a wonderful experience and we'd love to go back to the neighborhood. We happened to pass the gelateria as we took a taxi to the other side of Florence, and we would have enjoyed taking other family member to the places they missed because they had not yet arrived in Florence.
Eriza is amazing! Her love of Florence was apparent with every word she spoke! Those are the best tour guides as their enthusiasm is contagious. She was very informative as well as fun!,
Anna was delightful. We had a group of 15 and she managed to keep all of our attention throughout the tour. Great insight into the Oltrano neighborhood and the food and wine was fantastic. I plan on booking a walks tour on my next vacation! Thank You Anna for a wonderful evening💕
Excellent tour! Loved the spots we went to. Laura was so kind, informative, and fun! Wouldn’t change a thing!
Anna was WONDERFUL! She took on a much larger party to keep our group together and the tour was spectacular! Thank you so much...
We booked this tour at the last minute and we're so glad we did! Federica gave us so much helpful information. We ended up trying out all of her recommendations later in the trip and they were all great! We enjoyed all the food, wine, and places she took us.
Our tour guide, I'm so sorry I don't remember her name : ( was charming, interesting, funny and very knowledgeable. It was a hot evening but it didn't seem to matter as we made our way from one establishment to the next. She kept us moving and entertained! We thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish!
(No comment)
Cool places. Good wine and food. Love that it was not crowded
Eriza was AWESOME! Great information as we moved from place to place. She was exceptionally willing to let the members of the group mingle. We had a blast and enjoyed the opportunity! Highly recommend Eriza!
Anna Maria was terrific! She was very knowledgeable, friendly and spoke English quite well. The places we visited were fantastico!
EriA was a great guide for this tour. She was pleasant and had some interesting tidbits to share. Very informal and relaxed. We enjoyed the “real” feel of Florence and the true neighborhood experience! Sherry & Cris Anghel
Our guide Laura took my wife and I on a wonderful tour round the local areas in Florence that we simply would never have found or had access to without Laura. Celar tasting experiences surounded with vintage wines and delightful Tuscan snacks. Hoping between bars with eats at each before moving to a restaurant for the main meal. Laura was engaging and informative throughout making the evening fun with the rest of the tour
We had a wonderful time. Our guide was fun and informative. The food was delicious
I so enjoyed it. Our guide was incredible.
We loved our tour. The food and wine was fabulous and our guide, Erie, was friendly and most informative. I was most impressed with how she took special care to ensure that all of the group heard, moving within the group and relating the information to everyone. This was a most amazing introduction to Florence that I will recommend this tour to everyone, no matter their age. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
(No comment)
The food tour was lovely and Annamaria was a fantastic guide. It was a perfect evening in Florence.
The guide was superb, support servic from walks of Italy was good too— I was late, but still able to join tour and they accommodated my meal requests. Wonderful work and pass my tanks again to our fantastic guide and support person who answered my phone call at 5 pm.
(No comment)
Trip was great, we went back to three of the restaurants our tour took us to.
He was a great guide. Good historical information. Good stops. I highly recommend. We have commented that our two food/wine tours were the highlights of our trip. This one and another in Rome.
We had a lovely tour! . Our guide, Nebojsa was on time and even though one of the participants was kate (finally didn’t make it) he waited for them before leaving. He was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about both the food and the wine and was full of useful tidbits and stories about the history of the area and the different foods in the Tuscany area. All the three places he took us to had some very delicious tastings and wine; loved the pesto at our first stop! We had some slight rain but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the group. It was a small but lively group and at the end of it we were all relating like we’d known each other forever! And of course the gelato at the end was just a perfect ending to a lovely evening. Nebojsa was also very helpful with recommendations for where to eat and helped us with directions for getting back to our hotel. An all around pleasant guy who certainly knows his stuff and knows how to make everything interesting and above all, fun.
Lots of fun and terrific guide. Delicious too.
Lots of fun and terrific guide. Delicious too.
Everything was so well organized! We really enjoyed our tour, our time, our guide, and the food!
This tour was my favorite aspect of visiting Florence! Annamaria was so sweet and so knowledgable about the places we visited as well as just facts while walking around. She took us to amazing places to wine and dine, and even called me a cab for when I had to go home! If I could book another tour with her specifically, I would!
Eriza was such a wonderful guide on this fantastic food tour in Florence! We had an outstanding evening, a real highlight of our trip, with Eriza leading a fun group of people around to different places to try the food and the wine! We highly recommend this tour. So fun!
(No comment)
(No comment)
Awesome tour! You guys have great people working for you. We enjoyed every second
It was a wonderful tour. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
(No comment)
Anna lived inthe area of Santo Spirito where the tour was. She was cheerful, clearly was knowledgeable and loved telling us about the food, culture and history of Florence and her neighborhood. Her English was perfect.
(No comment)
Great food tour . Food was delicious and guide was awesome!
Our guide was very knowledgeable But she spoke too fast and was difficult to understand
Eriza was great! Very informative and able to answer all of our varied questions quite thoroughly . It was a great tour!
Ariza was excellent and gave us a lot of info about the food and wine we had. She was knowledgeable about the history of Italy. Highly recommend her
This was very enjoyable! Stress free, great guide and very knowledgeable! Food was great!
(No comment)
This was an amazing tour!!! We ate and drank some of the best food and wine of our trip on this tour. Our guide was very helpful in explaining the culture of the area, the food we were eating, and the wine we were tasting. It was a fantastic time and I would highly recommend.
Our tour guide was the best! Absolutely a must do tour
Very knowledgeable guide Laura. Learned a lot about life in Florence as well as great food and wine. Enjoyed meeting the family owners of the wine store including the 90 year old grandfather.
Got off to a slow start as the guide was late but she made up for it and the other guide made sure to take care of us until she got there.
Claudia was an excellent guide. We enjoyed the food and her knowledge very much. She was very courteous and gave us a great understanding of wine, olive oil and of course the food. We were extremely satisfied with the food tour.
We had an absolutely wonderful time with Anna! What a great way to experience the wine and food of Florence. We had delicious food and tasted excellent wines including a visit to an amazing cellar. Anna was very fun, informative and entertaining. We highly recommend this tour!
Delightful, informative and delicious.