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Don't wait in line: step right into the Florence Duomo with a local guide to learn about one of the most impressive churches in Italy.

Tour description

Throughout 2018, increased security at Florence Duomo created long lines; lines that were regularly so long that tour groups could not enter. While we do still try to visit the Duomo on our standard Best of Florence Tour, this is no longer guaranteed, particularly on busy days. On these days, guides deliver a tour of the Duomo from outside using visual aids to describe interior decorations and encouraging guests to return later in the day for a (free) independent visit.

For those that really want to visit the interior of Florence Duomo with a guide, we recommend upgrading your tour to include our new, limited, skip the line Duomo ticket. This special access, created in association with Duomo officials, is offered to only a few groups per day. It offers guaranteed access via a side door for a full 30-minute tour of the basilica interior.

On morning tours, this access comes during your Best of Florence Tour, while afternoon visits happen at the end of the tour, causing a slight change to the tour’s regular running order.

Spaces are limited so book now to secure your place.

NOTE: Please be sure when purchasing, to choose the same departure date as your existing Best of Florence tour. If there is no space on your current book date and you would like to change your tour date and upgrade, please contact our Customer Service Team before purchasing.

Sites visited

  • Florence Duomo