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When you take a walk you travel slowly. You absorb more, interact more and experience more. You stop to smell the flowers and taste the pizza. Join our slow travel movement. Take Walks.

It's hard to believe that Walks of Italy offers over 70 services now, in cities across the country. Never mind that we've expanded to New York and Turkey. It's surprising because our growth has been so organic. Most of the staff we have today showed up of their own accord, picked up a shovel and just kept digging; a lot of our guides arrived on our doorstep unsolicited; and most of our products wrote themselves after we kept getting the same requests from guests.

Our focus was never on world domination. It was always on that single guest and how they would feel on this tour, with that guide. We've worried over whether we should add the bone chapel in Milan or the castle in Tuscany, and how we could get into St. Mark's Basilica after closing time.

Yet while we were focusing on the little things, big things were happening. We've gone from one guide and a tech whizz working out of their tiny Roman apartment, to an international team and over 100 guides. We all have one thing common though: A love of slow, immersive travel; of exploring a city at ground level, through its museums and monuments, but also through quieter streets and local restaurants.

We just love to take walks – and we love to share that with you.

A million "thank you"s to the thousands of guests who have helped us to grow – and a thousand "welcome"s to those we have yet to meet. Don't speed through your Italian vacation, take the time to appreciate it. Take walks.

We all have one thing common: A love of slow, immersive travel. We love to take walks.

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