Colosseum at Night

VIP Underground & Arena After Hours


2 hrs 15 mins

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Thu, Sat (from Apr 2015)

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See the Colosseum as few have ever experienced it, in the peace and quiet of night time. Visiting after closing time, you’ll have access to VIP areas, for the most exclusive Colosseum night tour available.


In the spine tingling peace of nighttime, you’ll follow your guide into the Colosseum underground and onto the reconstructed arena floor. You’ll also get a tour of Ancient Rome outside the Colosseum from a great vantage point.


For most of our Colosseum Night Tour you’ll travel in groups of 12 or fewer (although two groups will combine for VIP areas). In the silence of night listen as your guide tells you stories of battle and victory, bringing an ancient amphitheater to life.

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What's included?

Privileged no wait entrance at the Colosseum; special access tickets to the Colosseum at night including Colosseum underground and arena floor; expert guide.

The next running date for this tour is in April 2015. Book now for dates after that or check out our VIP Colosseum Tour which also has access to the Colosseum underground and runs year-round.

Why Choose this Colosseum Night Tour?

Any visit to the Colosseum is memorable but some are more remarkable than others. Visiting at night, after the daytime crowds have disappeared, when the sun is low and tension hangs in the air; travelling with a Colosseum guard who opens areas usually closed to the public – well, that’s about as remarkable as it gets.

The Colosseum at Night is at its most atmospheric

Visit the Colosseum at Night – after the gates have closed.

Enjoy a rare experience of the Colosseum, visiting at night to explore special access areas after the crowds have left. Some 5 million people visit the Colosseum every year but you’ll see it like no one else.

Enjoy that exclusivity as your guide regales you with hair-raising tales of the Colosseum’s bloody past. In the darkness of night, those stories feel even more spine-tingling than usual, and with the amphitheater almost empty, you'll find it easier to hear and interact with your guide. As well as being especially evocative at night, the Colosseum is cooler and much more comfortable.

Explore underground passages on our Colosseum Night Tour

Descend to the Colosseum underground to see how gladiators lived.

Your guide will lead you on an exclusive visit down into the underground, where animals and gladiators awaited their turn to fight. The underground may only be visited on pre-booked tours with a limited number of participants, so this is a rare opportunity! Combined with our later entrance time, this makes our Colosseum Night Tour the most exclusive Colosseum visit available – as well as the most enjoyable.

Next you’ll experience your own ‘Gladiator’ moment on the arena floor. You’ll travel with an official Colosseum guard who will unlock a special gate, swinging it open to reveal that iconic walkway onto the floor. Walk in the footsteps of gladiators as you step out on to the arena floor and scream “Are you not entertained?” into the empty amphitheater (if you so please). This is the most incredible vantage point in the Colosseum so take your time to soak it up.

The Roman Forum, visited from an overlook on our Colosseum Night Tour

Journey through Ancient Rome in small groups of 12 or fewer.

Of course we’ll visit general access areas of the Colosseum too. An added bonus of our Colosseum Night Tour is a visit to Piazza Venezia, seeing the building that represents new Rome and new Italy, by far one of the most beautiful buildings to be seen at night. From here you will walk up to the Capitoline Hill, with its magnificent square designed by Michelangelo (Piazza del Campidoglio). From a vantage point overlooking the Roman Forum, your guide will tell you tales from the empire, whose reach you won't believe.

For this section of our tour we'll travel in small groups of only 12 people or fewer. Colosseum restrictions mean that two groups will combine for the VIP tour inside the amphitheater but when you visit the underground and arena floor, no-one else will be allowed inside - so you'll share these incredible spaces with only your guide and a maximum of 23 other people.

Seeing the Colosseum may be an opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime - but seeing it this way definitely is! Perfect for families, for those who don't like the heat of day, and for visitors who want a different experience, our Colosseum at Night tour is one of our most atmospheric experiences. High demand and limited availability often mean this tour sells out months in advance though so book now to secure your place!

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements here.

Meeting Point: Meets in Piazza Venezia. Ends at the Colosseum. Full details provided upon booking.

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Prices for the Whole Family

Our tours aren't one-size-fits all and neither are our prices, which is why infants under 3 travel free and we have special pricing for children, students and seniors - just remember to bring ID on the day of your tour.

Adult: €69
Senior: €64
Child: €46
Student: €64

Private Tour Option Available

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"This is a fantastic way to visit the Colosseum without the massive crowds there during the day. We had access to the arena and the underground areas of the Colosseum, which are only accessible on specific tours, as well as the higher level areas.The meeting place was very accessible outside Il Victoriano, and we walked along outside the forum with Guido providing plenty of interesting information. We gained a thorough understanding of how the entertainment within the Colosseum was provided, and the miserable lives the slaves and gladiators led. Would recommend this as an excellent way of visiting the Colosseum."

Walks of Italy won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2011, 2012 & 2013 - and we're on track to win in 2014!

Customer Reviews

"Excellent! John was very informative and patiently answered all our questions. I highly recommend!"
Dianna D.
"Guido was fabulous. So enthusiastic and passionate about Rome! It was very clear he loves his work. An amazing tour!"
Clare W.

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements here.

Meeting Point: Meets in Piazza Venezia. Ends at the Colosseum. Full details provided upon booking.

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