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Romes Hidden Gems

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 3hrs 30mins
  • Start Time: 8:45 AM

Tour Highlights

  • Explore those hidden sites locals reserve for visiting friends, discovering secret histories and traditions you’d never hear otherwise. We’ll take you on a whirlwind adventure through Rome and further afield for a half-day tour you won’t forget.

  • Discover an unexpected side of Rome at the Jewish Ghetto and so-called ‘Jewish Colosseum’; walk a section of the ancient Roman Appian Way; see the Aqueducts; witness the best panoramic views in Rome (including the Janiculum Hill where if you are lucky you will get to see the daily cannon fire) & much more!

  • We have a lot of land to cover, from the almost-rural Appian Way to the top of Janiculum Hill, so we’ve arranged for the most comfortable, air-con transport in Rome. We’ve kept groups small (15 or fewer) so your experience is intimate & you’ll be led by an expert local.

Janiculum Hill Janiculum Hill Luxury travel, small groups Circus Maximus Canon-fire at Janiculum Hill Park of the Aqueducts Park of the Aqueducts The Appian Way Vittorio Emanuele II Monument


Ancient aqueducts on the Appian Way


We start our day in a fascinating little corner of Rome usually ignored by visitors – the Jewish Ghetto. In 1555 the Pope ordered that all Jews (a community which arrived in Rome before the Christians) had to live within this walled neighborhood, where the gates were locked at night. The wall, built on the order of the Pope, was to be paid for by the Jews. And although it didn’t help to suppress regular flooding from the Tiber River, it did a fantastic job of feeding disease and poverty inside.

We’ll enjoy a walk through the Jewish Ghetto tour by foot, passing by Teatro Marcello (a.k.a. “The Jewish Colosseum”), learning about life behind the walls and the influence that the Jewish community had over the development of Rome – including the creation of some of the best regional foods.

View from Janiculum Hill


We’re covering a lot of ground so we’ve included a luxury vehicle to shuttle us with aircon for those hot summer days. After our walk through the Jewish Ghetto, we’ll make a stop at Circus Maximus to see the Ancient Roman chariot racing arena before heading outside the city to find Ancient Rome’s greatest thoroughfare – the Appian Way (a.k.a. Via Appia Antica).

This ancient road is where Spartacus and 6,000 of his followers were crucified, where war veterans lined up to pay homage to Emperor Augustus, and where St. Peter had a vision of Christ as he left Rome in 64 A.D. You’ll go for a relaxing stroll on this peaceful road (which still retains many of its original paving stones!) hearing stories like that behind the fortress-like mausoleum of Cecilia Metella, an enormous tomb built for a Roman noblewoman in the 1st century B.C.

Our next stop is the Park of the Aqueducts. You’ve heard about how the Ancient Romans invented running water, their greatest gift to modern civilization – but you haven’t seen it yet. We promise that your jaw will drop when you see just how huge and well-constructed the ancient aqueducts were, carrying millions of tons of water into Rome (and you’ll feel badly for tourists who never get to see them!) After taking a chance to walk along the aqueducts, snapping those perfect pictures, you’ll head to the overlook of an ancient site that put all that water to good use: the Baths of Caracalla. These 3rd-century baths included an Olympic-sized swimming pool and could hold more than 1,600 people at a time.

Canon fire on Janiculum Hill, included on our off the beaten path tour


We can’t tell you all of the sights you’ll visit on our hidden gems tour because that will ruin the surprise – but we do promise to surprise you more than once during your time with us. One site we will guarantee however, is Janiculum Hill. This is where you get the best view of Rome. Enjoy this breathtaking view of the city and snap the pictures that friends back home will envy as your guide points out the Colosseum and major sights of historic Rome.

During the drive from Janiculum Hill there’s a stretch of road where, even though the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica is very far away, it looks extremely close! And stranger still, the further you drive away from it, the closer it seems – while the closer you get, the further it travels. Fun and surprising, this optical illusion is just one of those secret sites we promise will surprise and delight you.


Perhaps the most satisfying part of our tour is the peace and quiet you’ll find at so many of the sights and the knowledge that you’re traveling further and seeing more than the average visitor. These sights aren’t known to most travelers and are difficult to access by public transport – which is where we can help. On this exclusive exploration, you’ll enjoy a private vehicle with a group size of just 15 people or fewer, a driver and a separate tour guide who will bring the sights to life for you as you travel, with stories and local legends.

So if you want to see the “real Rome,” and its true off-the-beaten-path gems, in comfort and with a local insider, take a walk (or a drive) with us! We’d love to share our city with you, introducing you to Rome as a local.

Sites visited

  • The Jewish Ghetto
  • Teatro Marcello, a.k.a. “The Jewish Colosseum”
  • Piazza Venezia
  • Circus Maximus
  • View of Palatine hill
  • Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella (from outside)
  • The Appian Way
  • Park of the Aqueducts
  • Overlook of the Baths of Caracalla
  • Views over Rome from Janiculum hill
  • Aurelian walls
  • Pyramid of Caius Cestius
  • Optical illusion of St. Peter’s dome
  • & more surprises!


  • Jewish Ghetto walking tour
  • Private transport between sites
  • Expert tour guide
  • Small groups of 15 people or fewer


5-stars from over 427 Customer Reviews

Best tour we took in Italy - Andrea was knowledgeable and fun, incredibly interesting to talk to and clearly passionate about his city. The Jewish Ghetto and the stories about it were moving, and it was great to see things many tourists might miss, like the Aqueducts.
Andrea was fantastic.
Excellent tour! We've learned a lot about the history of old Rome.

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

Unfortunately our vehicles are not wheelchair accessible. Please contact our Customer Service team to discuss a suitable alternative.

Most vehicles will not have additional space for strollers. If you are traveling with an infant, please contact our Customer Service team before booking.

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Best tour we took in Italy - Andrea was knowledgeable and fun, incredibly interesting to talk to and clearly passionate about his city. The Jewish Ghetto and the stories about it were moving, and it was great to see things many tourists might miss, like the Aqueducts.
I dont think we saw all the sites listed in the intinerary, but it was a good tour.
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Andrea was fantastic.
(No comment)
Excellent tour! We've learned a lot about the history of old Rome.
Very nice and relaxed tour... didn't feel rushed at all, and our tour guide, Andrea, was GREAT! Grazie!!
As always (our 4th tour) great and different, nice afternoon with an interesting guide.
Amy was amazing. She knew so much and was able to answer all our questions. Her tour was very informative and entertaining and she was great with our 8 year old daughter. We have loved all our Walks of Italy tours but this one was the best!
Martha was wonderful! Loved all our experiences with your tours!!! Thank you! Highly recommended!
It was a very good Tour. The locations covered are true hidden gems. Although locations were far a part, the planing was very Excellent. Our Tour guide Amir explained whole city of rome history in very detail. I was on business trip and had one weekend to cover Rome. So, I booked two tours and the other one was Rome in a Day including Vatican, Colosseum and Historic centre. Both were excellent to cover the best of Rome.
We enjoyed our tour immensely. Our guide Andreas was excellent. We got to see some fantastic sights and hear lots of interesting stories. Highly recommend this tour. Clare and Grace
This is an excellent tour! The sights are very special and it was a most enjoyable and informative experience. It was the Walks of Italy personnel, though, that made this tour exceptional. Julia was a wonderful guide. Her depth of knowledge is astounding. The way in which she presented the historical information through her wonderful storytelling was superb. We found our driver, Daniele, also excellent in his role. He was reliable and drove very safely and was also extremely courteous and kind. Thankyou Julia and Daniele for a wonderful experience!
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This has been my FAVORITE walking tour ever - and I’ve done many of them! Highly recommend Julia!
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(No comment)
Ahmet and Reynaldo were both wonderful!
(No comment)
Our tour guide was amazing and very knowledgable! Highly enjoyed this tour.
(No comment)
The tour was very enjoyable. The guide Andrea was extremely friendly and informative. I would highly recommend this tour to my family and friends.
An excellent tour, well conducted.
Great tour and Martha was a wonderful guide. She told us at the beginning that this is what she'd do on a normal Sunday if she had friends visiting, and that's exactly how it felt. I'd recommend this tour to anyone
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This tour was recommended to me by your service representative Elisabetta as I was limping around on a cane. It was a great recommendation, and we loved the tour. We really did see things we would not have otherwise. Our guide was terrific, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
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Loved her!!!
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We really enjoyed our tour. Andrea was truly excellent and made everyone feel at home. I wish I would have tipped him. He was helpful, down-to-earth, and patient. He had lots of good information for us, too. Tour guides make all the difference, and Andrea excelled. He speaks English very clearly and has a strong voice. He is very easy to understand.
Marta was an excellent guide with extensive knowlege of Roman history in general and of the sites we visited in particular. She used material on her tablet extensively and this added to my enjoyment of the trip. The small size of the group was very welcome and it was certainly the best trip I took.
Melanie was superb! Wish we could have done all our tours with her! She had a lot of enthusiasm and was just nice in general! Like doing a tour with a friend! We enjoyed getting outside of the city too!
(No comment)
Rebecca was an excellent guide - highly engaging and enthusiastic
(No comment)
Marta is brilliant with her knowledge and answered many questions. She is passionate and knowledgeable about Roman history which made the tour excellent,
Marta was great guide and person, I really enjoyed this tour with her.
(No comment)
2nd walk. Awesome guides. Thanks. Recommending you to everyone.
We have visited Rome some seven times over the last ten years; this was one of the best general tours we have had (we also use Context tours, which are more tailored). Loved our guide, loved seeing new things. A complimentary bottle of water would have been a nice touch, but not the "end of the world." Would definitely recommend this to others.
(No comment)
We have been to Roma before and enjoyed seeing new sites on this tour which expanded our knowledge of modern and ancient Roma.
The tour guid was very knowledgeable. I took his suggestion and ate lunch at Giggetto al Portico d'Ottavio - fantastic!
Melanie was wonderful and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and your company to anyone. She was so helpful and gave us terrific recommendations for lunch and dinner as well.
(No comment)
Melanie did a superb job bringing the sites we saw to life in ancient times. This was a great tour!