The Walks of Italy 2016 Christmas Party (Gallery)

2016 Has been a year of incredible growth and change for Walks of Italy. In order to show our appreciation to the guides, coordinators, and chefs who represent the company every day we threw our annual end-of-the-year bash at Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano. On Thursday the 15th of December, the halls of the beautiful, 15th-century castle were filled with tour guides and Walks employees during a magical masquerade evening featuring awards, food, cocktails, and dancing into the wee hours. Here’s a gallery of the festivities.


Odescalchi Castle was built in the 15th century by the Orsini family and was later owned by the Borgias. Today it still one of Italy’s most impressive mansions.


(From left to right) Customer Satisfaction Manager Gaia Mariani was waiting in the entrance of the Odeschalchi Castle to greet party-goers with Alecia Carey and Walks Co-Founder Stephen Oddo.



Walks Co-Founders Stephen Oddo and Jason Spiehler hosted the event and spent most of the evening chatting with guests and thanking them for a year of hard work.



Guide Luigi Simeone strolled into Odescalchi castle with the calm demeanor of a man who habitually attends parties in castles.



The official dress code for the party was “Elegant Creative” so guides like Jowita Ludwikiewicz (pictured) came dressed to impress.



(From Left to Right) Assistant Guide Manager Tuija Mantyla, Guide Valentina Di Lonardo, Guide Claudia Capretti, Guide Alessia Aletta, Guide Julietta Seme, Guide Jowita Ludwikiewicz, and Guide Manager Ana Maric



Dinner took place in the main hall under beautiful frescoes and around an enormous banquet table filled with sumptuous Italian delights.



Chef Fulvio De Filippi, Tour Coordinator Laura Migno, and Chef Denyse Pantaleo



Julietta Seme accepted the award for the Top Reviewed Guide in Rome to a chorus of thunderous applause.



After spending the night in the hospital with an ill guest on one of her tours, Amy Doherty (back to the camera) was named Stand Out Guide of the Year.



Laura Migno received the award for the Top Tour Coordinator of the Year.



Maurizio Fascitiello flashed a thousand-watt smile when receiving the awards for 5th Best Reviewed Guide in Rome and Best New Hire.



Gaia Mariani, Ana Maric, Operation Manager in New York Simona Palmisano, and Guide Massimo de Filippis



Andrea Lillini received the award for the 3rd Best Reviewed Guide in Rome.



After dinner and the awards, the party moved to the cellars for deserts, cocktails, and dancing.



Customer Service Agent Elisabetta Cibo, Customer Service Agent Paula San Pedro, Head of Customer Service Delia Rosado, and Operations Manager in France Cécile Hercenberg



Guide Angela Processione, and Davide Finotti enjoy a bit of wine and dancing.



Laura Migno, Chef Roberto Drago, and Guide Andrea Silvestri took up residence on the dance floor early and held it down until late.



It’s always the right time for a few party favors; just ask Chef Maria Elena Croci and Chef Francesco Javicoli.



A good dance floor is measured by how many people have their hands in the air at any one time.



Guide Igor Spinelli, Guide Francesca Tolomei, and Guide Maria Susanna Corona getting down.



Simona Palmisano and Director of Operations Linda Condorelli boogied till late in the evening.



See you next year!

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