Experience the Mount Vesuvius Volcano in Full 360-Degree Video

Visit the crater of the volcano that rocked Pompeii in 79AD—Mount Vesuvius! The only active volcano in mainland Europe, Vesuvius is an imposing sight, especially from the crater’s edge. Stand in awe listening to the sounds of the volcanic gravel crunching beneath your feet, the gusting winds sweeping along the crater, and experience stunning views of the Bay of Naples!

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Viewing Instructions

To view on your desktop computer browser, simply play the video and use the mouse to click, hold and drag the viewpoint you’d like to see. On your mobile device, you must install the Looker application, then the video will load in the app’s special 360 video player. Then, use your finger to swipe the player and change the viewpoint. It’s that easy!

Loving it as much as we are? Check back and keep your eyes out for more 360 videos like this one from our travels around Italy!

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