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Travel Agent Connection

Are you a travel agent or tour operator and want to assure your clients have the best possible vacation in Italy? Start working with Walks of Italy and guarantee your clients the best service in the business (and earn 10% commission in the process)! Before you book, please get affiliated with us:

1. Download, sign, scan, and email only the first and last page of your agent agreement (one per agent, please!) to [email protected]. We will add you to our system and notify you within 72 hours.*

Please click here to view the agent agreement >>

2. Read thoroughly our “How to Book as an Agent” document to learn how to book and receive commission in two ways:

a. Booking with an agency payment card (NEW! Instructional video)

b. Booking with a client’s payment card (NEW! Instructional video)

Please click here to view "How to Book as an Agent" document >>  

We look forward to a starting a great collaboration with you!

Happy Travels,

The Walks of Italy Team


*Alternatively, you can fax us at +1-512-236-1704, but please not that there may be an administrative delay in processing your agreement.