Welcome, Travel Agents!


Are you a travel agent and want to ensure your clients have the best possible vacation in Italy? Start working with Walks of Italy and guarantee your clients the best service in the business (and earn 10% commission in the process)!


How to Register

Before you book, please send an email to [email protected] indicating that you are a travel agent, and whether you will be booking with your client's credit card or your own agency credit card. Our team will register your email address in our system and, if you're using an agency credit card, we will provide you with a 10% discount code to use when booking on our website, which will provide you with commission instantly.


How to Book

The best way to instantly confirm spaces on our tours and receive immediate confirmation via email is to book on our website. 

Be sure to book using the same, exact agent email address that we registered for you, by inserting it in the first "Email" text field (see images below). Here are visual references that show you how to fill out the booking form, based on which payment card you will use:


If you are using your client's credit card to pay, your booking form on the "Add Contact Details" page should look like this:

Click here to enlarge image


If you are using your agency credit card to pay:

Once you have added all tours on the "Shopping Cart" page, please insert your unique code in the box next to the words "Enter your valid coupon code here:". Then, click "Checkout." Your booking form on the "Add Contact Details" page should look like this:

Click here to enlarge image

Important note: Please be advised that, when entering credit card details on the "Secure Card Processing" page, the "Billing Address" section will display the client's first and last name, instead of your agency's. This is normal.


How to Receive Commission

For agents paying with the client's credit card, commissions will be paid in the month after the service runs. At that time, we will send you a verification email. As soon as you confirm that the details in that email are accurate, your payment will be sent to you.

For personal travel, please contact us before booking. By booking with us, you accept the terms in our travel agency agreement.

Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.


Thank you for collaborating with us!

Happy Travels,

The Walks of Italy Team