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There are few sites in the world that offer as much insight into the past as Pompeii – a city frozen in time during a volcanic eruption in 79 A.D. But did you know that many of the best artifacts discovered here were removed? We visit both the ruins and the artifacts on this private Pompeii tour, offering you a glimpse into the past.


Enjoy a private, expert guided tour of Pompeii, visiting all the best ruins and (of course) the world-famous death casts. Then travel to Naples Archaeological Museum to discover the incredible artifacts that were removed. Believe it or not, they offer an even greater insight into life in Pompeii before the eruption!


With pre-reserved tickets you won’t waste time waiting in lines; we include train tickets to transport you between the two sites; while having your own dedicated tour guide for both your visits and your journey mean that you’ll see the very best without wasting time.

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What's included?

Entrance tickets to Pompeii and the Naples Archaeological Museum; train tickets for transportation from Pompeii to the Naples Archaeological Museum; private Pompeii tour guide throughout.

Why Choose this Tour?

Want to discover Pompeii and explore first-hand what life was actually like 2,000 years ago? Then you can’t miss Pompeii, the city buried in Mt. Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 A.D. Also unmissable is the Naples Archaeological Museum, where the countless treasures of Pompeii – including some of the world’s finest ancient paintings, sculptures, mosaics, and other surprises (even ancient erotic art!) wound up. With stories and recreations, your enthusiastic, private guide brings it all to life.

Enjoy an expert guided tour of Pompeii archaeological site.

Wandering the ruins on your private Pompeii tour, your guide will regale you with a detailed account of life here before, during, and after the eruption. You’ll see all of the most popular sites, including the House of the Tragic Poet, with its famous “Cave Canum” (“Beware of the Dog”) mosaic; the brothel; the suburban baths; and the Roman Forum, with its beautiful basilica and Temple of Apollo. And that’s not to forget the plaster casts of those killed in the eruption, the eerie and moving glimpses of what it must have been like to experience Armageddon.

The real treat of our Pompeii tour, though, is the House of Mysteries. It’s Pompeii’s most lavish and beautiful villa—but, again, hardly anyone visits! Don’t miss out on this fascinating house from the 2nd century B.C., which still boasts incredibly well preserved, colorful frescoes, including the highly controversial painting of what is thought to be a girl’s initiation into marital life.

The best artifacts were removed from Pompeii – but you’ll see them too!

At Naples Archaeological Museum you’ll delve right into the juiciest details and stories from Pompeii and Herculaneum. Using the museum’s world-renowned collection as a starting point, your guide will recreate for you what being an ancient Roman was really like. Some of these just might surprise you, like the “secret cabinet,” a room of ancient erotic art and objects that used to be kept under lock and key. (Depending on the age and comfort of the clients, visiting this room is at the your discretion!)

And that’s not to mention the fantastic art! Ever seen a detailed Roman painting from 2,000 years ago? How about dozens and dozens of them, all incredibly preserved and as colorful as if they were painted yesterday? That’s not to mention the extraordinary mosaics, a collection that, after a long renovation, was only just reopened to the public! You’ll see the famed “Alexander mosaic,” a much- imitated mosaic featuring Alexander the Great and Darius. Or the Farnese sculpture collection, including the “Farnese Bull,” the largest single sculpture ever recovered from antiquity. It’ll take your breath away!

With your own private Pompeii tour guide, you won’t just see – you’ll understand.

Hiring your own dedicated tour guide means you won’t have to compete for their attention, nor will you ever struggle to hear or keep up. Our Pompeii guides are carefully selected for their knowledge, friendliness and the storytelling abilities that allow them to bring these sites to life for you. Ask all the questions you can think of or venture a little off track – Ancient Rome is your oyster and our experts are capable of answering any question you can throw at them. In fact, many of our guides worked on the excavations here themselves, so they have first-hand knowledge that can provide real insight.

With pre-reserved tickets to both Pompeii and the Naples Archaeological Museum, we’ve removed all the hassle of traveling independently too, while train tickets between the two sites and a guide to accompany you for your journey, mean you won’t waste a precious moment.

Don’t just see Pompeii, explore it on our private Pompeii tours, bringing Ancient Rome to life in front of your very eyes.

For details on how best to access Pompeii from Rome, Sorrento or Naples, see Important Notes page.

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements here.

Meeting Point: Meets near entrance to Pompeii. Ends at the Naples Archaeological Museum. Full details provided upon booking.

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