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Pristine Sistine™: The Chapel At Its Best
We loved our tour. Our guide, Tiberio was amazing. His passion and knowledge about art, history and religion made our experience the highlight of our trip.
Added By : Bonnie & Jim
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

Private Tour: Highlights of Bari and Pizzica Dance
Excellent tour guide experience! ILARIA was amazing! ! She was on time, spoke excellent English, very informative / helpful and very receptive to our questions!!!! It was an added bonus that she studied archeology so we got a great insight of all things. I would def recommend This tour!!
Added By : Siann Mohammed
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

VIP Access: Colosseum Underground & Ancient Rome
I found the tour to be a little dry and we did not enjoy it as much as other tours we have taken in Rome.
Added By : Laura Shiflett
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

Complete Vatican Tour: Museums, Sistine Chapel & St Peter’s Basilica
This was possibly the worst tour there could ever be of the Vatican. We paid top dollar to go on a early before the crowds English speaking tour and were totally deceived. Security does not even open until 8 there were plenty of 8am tours ! Our guide's accent was so heavy we could not understand her, our head phones screeched in our ears and then we learn she had Nothing valuable to say in the first place. Her descriptions were not only rushed but juvenal at best. She was going to skip the Rachael rooms altogether had we not insisted they were part of our paying tour. She kept remaining us she had a Japanese tour to get to. She lost two of our children between the museum and Basilica and did not seem to care but wanted us to pay for the lost headsets!!! She took all the religious aspect of the place out of the tour, knew nothing of the popes or the architects or church history. Her knowledge was so basic I have never been so disappointed in my life! We are Catholic and wanted our children to feel the importance of the history of our religion she destroyed all that feeling. We saw the other Walks tour were just entering the Basilica while we were looking for our lost children over 45 minutes after we did ...she was long gone by then. so we were ripped off in time too! Can't tell you enough never use this company! In the future if we ever have a chance to be back in Rome we will take a tour with the Vatican officials so they know the importance of the this Holy Place, it's history,art and architecture not make a mockery of the art and history.
Added By : Cindy Kosik
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

A.M. Premium Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine
great guide and tour
Added By : james mcdonald
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

Rome Food Tour: Pizza-Making, Markets & Tastings
Food tour was the best thing we did in Rome! Make sure you go hungry because there are so many tastings
Added By : Alyssa
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

A.M. Premium Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine
Welcome to Rome: Twilight City Stroll with Gelato
Pristine Sistine™: The Chapel At Its Best
We took 3 tours (Twilight of Rome, Pristine sistine chapel and Coloseum/palatine hill AM) at the suggestion of my borther in law. We had one guide for the Twilight (Daniel or David?) with a degree in art history and thouroughly enjoyed his explanation, humour and tour. The other two tours graced us with Tony (Antonietta), a fabulous and very knowledgable tour guide who never gets stumped by a question. She was a great communicator. They were great tours!
Added By : Marie-Andree
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

Vatican After Hours: Museums & Sistine Chapel at Night
Elisa was an outstanding tour guide. She was engaging and knowledgable. She did an excellent job of navigating our group through the crowds. I highly recommend this Friday evening tour because it was not nearly as crowded as it would be on a summer day. This tour was a true highlight of our Rome trip. Thank you!
Added By : Carmel
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

Pristine Sistine™: The Chapel At Its Best
Our guide, Antonietta, was wonderful. She gaves us lots of information without overwhelming us. Getting to the Chapel early allowed us to enjoy it before the hordes made it impossible to breathe.
Added By : Claire Fowles
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

A.M. Premium Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine
Pristine Sistine™: The Chapel At Its Best
The premium tour of the Colosseum. Palatine and Forum was excellent. Jowita, our guide, was outstanding and made the trip. I would highly recommend it.
Added By : peter
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

Pasta-Making Class: Cook, Dine & Drink Wine with a Local Chef
FABULOUS, professional, fun, great location, great set up, great CHEF !!! We love DAVID .. I have already recommended to many people who loved the idea and are going to book also !! THANK U DAVID. you made my mum so happy to learn how to cook italian pasta and you looked after her and the Group .... Will definitely book the same when back in Rome !!
Added By : Irene Lazaridis
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

Florence Food Tour: Markets, Tastings, Wine & Gelato
A very good tour and our guide was the best. We enjoyed him and his knowledge, and would recommend this tour to anyone..
Added By : Alan Long
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

P.M. Premium Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine
Vincenzo was wonderful. Very sensitive to our needs and stamina. He is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic to share his love of the history of Rome! We were a family of 3 generations and he made the tour interesting for all our ages. He made us feel the feelings of the gladiators as they entered the Colosseum. We loved Vincenzo and will recommend him and you to all!!
Added By : Genie Sevigny
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

Exclusive VIP Alone in the Sistine Chapel Tour
Claudia was a fantastic guide. Very informative. Excellent English. Terrific tour. The only complaint was that we were told it would be no more than 15 people, and it was more than 15.
Added By : Rachel Beaumont
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

Private Tour: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter’s
Private Tour: St. Peter’s Basilica, Dome & The Papal Tombs
Crypts, Bones & Catacombs: Underground Tour of Rome
Exclusive VIP: Alone in St. Mark’s & Doge’s Highlights
We cannot endorse Walks of Italy enough. Each of the guides was personable, knowledgeable and we had a blast. We really got to see much more than we ever thought possible, moving to the front of lines and getting special visits. The Sistine Chapel and St Mark's after hours tours are not to be missed.
Added By : David Bagley
Added On : 16th Jul 2014

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