Christian Rome - Mother Teresa’s Home

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In a city of a thousand churches, seeing (crowded and loud) St. Peter’s Basilica just isn’t enough. Walk with us off the beaten path to discover the city’s true church gems—all of which remain unspoiled by tourism!


Our walk takes place in an area that’s a stone’s throw from the Colosseum… but, thanks to its tranquility, feels 100 miles away. Some of the city’s most beautiful churches dot this ancient neighborhood, including the Church of Santo Stefano Rotondo, a 5th-century church unusual for being one of Rome’s only round churches. But as peaceful as the church feels, its frescoes are anything but. They depict 34 different scenes of Christian martyrs being killed in creative, and gruesome, ways!


The paintings at the 4th-century Church of Santi Quattro Coronati, one of Rome’s oldest churches, are striking: they’re extraordinarily colorful and well-preserved frescoes from the 13th century! (Not only is that simply old, but it’s very rare to find any medieval frescoes in Rome at all, especially any this incredible!) Yet hardly anyone visits these paintings at the church’s Oratory of St. Sylvester. In fact, we’ll need to ask a nun from the closed convent to unlock the door for us… and we will probably be the only visitors there!


The last secret, though, is still to be revealed: Mother Teresa’s cell at the convent of the Sisters of Charity. Here is where this extraordinary woman, who the Church has already beatified and will probably name a saint, slept and prayed. Currently, we are the only tour company that enters this charming convent. It makes a moving, peaceful, and intimate end to a walk that, far from a “church tour,” takes us back to a time before the crowds descended!


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