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Decoding Early Christian Symbols: How to Read Mosaics in Italy

If you’re visiting Ravenna or Venice, Palermo or Rome, you’ll come across many spectacular Byzantine and early Christian mosaics. Glittering in the light, these mosaics are as beautiful as ever. They’re also filled with early Christian symbols and imagery. That way, even the illiterate—most of the population back in the 6th or 10th centuries!—still would [...]

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How to Order—and Enjoy!—Wine in Italy (A Nonstuffy Traveler’s Guide)

Without a doubt, one of the greatest pleasures of eating in Italy is trying the country’s wine. As well as a national drink, wine is a national passion: more than 1 million wine-growers live in Italy, and, unsurprisingly, Italians drink more wine than anyone else in the world. All of that makes drinking wine, frankly, [...]

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